7 Day Ration Pack (1000kcal)

SKU: B092

This 7 day ration pack includes three 1000 kcal meals per day.

  • 7 x breakfast meals
  • 7 x lunch meals
  • 7 x dinner meals

  • Each meal contains 1000 calories, which totals 3000 calories per day. The 7 day ration pack includes a variety of meals and takes the thinking out of meal selection. Take a ration pack on a week-long trek or expedition or keep a ration pack in the cupboard at home for emergencies.


    Expedition Foods meals have a long shelf life of up to 5 years.


    2 x Porridge with Blueberries (1000kcal)

    2 x Porridge with Strawberries (1000kcal)

    2 x Porridge with Sultanas (1000kcal)

    1 x Hot Cereal with Mango (1000kcal)


    2 x Chicken Rice with Vegetables (1000kcal)

    2 x Chilli con Carne with Rice (1000kcal)

    2 x Spaghetti Bolognese (1000kcal)

    2 x Fish and Potato with Parsley Sauce (1000kcal)

    2 x Asian Noodles with Chicken and Mixed Vegetables (1000kcal)

    2 x Macaroni and Cheese (1000kcal)

    2 x Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice (1000kcal)