Clif Bar Clif Shot Energy Gel
Clif Bar Clif Shot Energy Gel Clif Bar Clif Shot Energy Gel

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Clif Shot takes a streamlined approach to performance nutrition – delivering what your body needs most while training and racing. Clif Bar's organic ingredients help provide clean essential energy and hydration, plus fast muscle recovery.

Clif Shot Energy Gel provides quick energy to athletes while racing and training. With Clif Bar's new formula and flavors getting energized between breaths has never been easier.


Generally, performance athletes need to consume 200-400 calories per hour from all sources, such as gels, chews, bars and drinks. Clif Bar recommend consuming one packet 15 minutes before activity, followed by 1-2 packets per hour during activity to help support your needs. For flavors with added caffeine, Clif Bar recommend one packet 15 minutes before activity and one packet during activity. Consumption of Clif Shot Energy Gel should always be followed with a mouthful of water. Caffeinated flavors are not recommended for pregnant women, children, or people sensitive to caffeine.


Organic Double Expresso with Caffeine: A double shot of caffeine Because you can't drop by a cafe mid-race.

Mocha with Caffeine: Chocolate + coffee, with a kick of caffeine. A deliciously dynamic duo.

Chocolate: Energizing chocolate that won't melt in your pocket.

Citrus: Key in on this lemon + lime masterpiece. Light, refreshing, and ready to rock, run, and roll.

Razz: Get Razzed, get energized and get to the finish line.

Strawberry: Who knew strawberries could pack this much get-going caffeine?