SKU: 005-3361

Attaches to shoulder strap of backpack. Keeps your water bottle accessible.

Excellent stability with special strap attachment system. 2 side pockets for supplements.

Sold in single units.

To attach The Rough Country Bottle Holder to your backpack follow these steps:

  1. Undo the shoulder strap of your backpack. This is usually done by releasing the strap from a clasp or buckle at the bottom of your pack.
  2. On the back of the bottle holder, there are three tightly secured black straps.
  3. Slide the strap of your backpack through the three straps and then slide the bottle holder to the correct position on your pack.
  4. This should be breast height, so that the top of the holder sits just below your collar bone but you can adjust the position to your personal preference.
  5. Once the holder is secure, reattach the strap to the backpack and it is ready to use.