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Living, Working and Sailing in Malta

An interview with Darius Goodwin, the managing director of RLR Yachting.

Expedition Foods: Tell us a little about yourself what is your background?
Darius: Originally born and raised in the UK, I moved to Malta at the age of 14. I was always heavily involved in a variety of sports. I am definitely happy in the outdoors. Now married to my Maltese wife, I have two girls aged 14 and 18.

Expedition Foods: Why did you decide to live abroad?
Darius: My parents retired in Malta and, as I was only 14 years old at the time, I moved with them and never really felt like returning to the UK after getting used to the sunny island life.

Expedition Foods: When did you start sailing?
Darius: Originally, I started windsurfing when I first moved to Malta but then sailing came as part of my first official job. Cruising locally led to skippered charters, deliveries and even racing.

Expedition Foods: Are you involved in other sea sports?
Darius: Yes, luckily in Malta we are blessed with good weather. Because of this, I take the opportunity and run and swim in the sea all year round. Sailing is also on the cards and motorbike touring until Covid-19 raised its ugly head and stopped us from traveling. There are never enough sports to try, the only issue is time.

Expedition Foods: Who are RLR Yachting and when did you join?
Darius: RLR Yachting was the first yachting company to be set up in Malta. It was established in 1964 by the two Ripard brothers and their American friend Bill Larvan. I joined 18 years ago and started assisting in the chandlery. Today, I am the managing director of RLR.

Expedition Foods: What is your favourite boat and why?
Darius: Difficult question. Being a bit of an adrenaline junky, I think the J70 is one the most fun boats I have sailed on, closely followed by the Hobie Tiger. Both offer fantastic thrills, close racing and a great way to improve your skill levels. Saying this, I also love spending the day relaxing out on an AXOPAR or a RIB with the family, swimming and just relaxing.

Expedition Foods: What sailing dates do you have on your 2021 calendar?
Darius: Again, quite a difficult one. A lot is going to depend on Covid-19 and how we move ahead. Fingers crossed racing starts again and we take it from there. Rolex Middle Sea Race is always a highlight for us.

Expedition Foods: What would you say to beginners wanting to get into sailing?
Darius: Get stuck in and take any and every opportunity you can to go sailing. If there is one important bit of advice I could give, it would be to always go sailing with people better than you. Like this, you will learn so much more…

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