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Expedition Foods' 3-Day Regular Ration Pack lets you purchase the food you need for a three-day expedition. 

Planning your food for an expedition will be key to your success. The best way to do this is to separate out your food by day. Each day you will need a good mix of freeze-dried meals and snacks. Make sure you have enough to fuel your body through the day and help you recover overnight, as calorie requirements differ by person.


1 x Porridge with Strawberries (450kcal)

1 x Granola with Raspberries (450kcal)

1 x Hot Cereal with Mango (450kcal)


1 x Macaroni and Cheese (800kcal)

1 x Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta (800kcal)

1 x Vegetable Tikka with Rice (800kcal)


3 x Clif Bar Energy Bar

3 x Nairn's Biscuits Brown


3 x Expedition Foods Hot Drinks Pack

 Pack Information

3 x Breakfast (kcal) 1350
3 x Dinner (kcal) 2400
3 x Clif Bar Energy Bar (kcal) 780
3 x Nairn's Biscuits Brown (kcal) 1125
3 x Hot Drinks Pack (kcal) 402
Approx Weight* 1.62kg / 3.57lbs

* Approximate

MEAL CHOICES: If you would like to change any of the meals, please use the "Special Instructions" box when you are checking out, or drop us an email at info@expeditionfoods.com and we'll happily swap them over for you. There may be an additional cost depending on the meal(s) you select. We will advise before shipping.

REMARKS: We reserve the right to substitute the items outlined with others of similar value.

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