3-Day / 125km Vegetarian Nutrition Pack (1000kcal)

SKU: B096

To ensure you meet your calorie requirements, Expedition Foods has put together a vegetarian nutrition pack containing all your needs for your 3 day/125km race.

  • Day 1: Expedition Foods Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner/ Flapjack / 2 Energy Gels (approx. 3,485 kcal)
  • Day 2: Expedition Foods Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner/ Flapjack / 2 Energy Gels (approx. 3,500 kcal)
  • Day 3: Expedition Foods Breakfast / Energy Chews / 2 Energy Gels (approx. 1,415 kcal)
  • Throughout each day: Nuun (approx. 150 kcal)

If you would like to change any of the meals shown below, email us. 

3 x 1000kcal Breakfasts

1 x Porridge with Sultanas (1000kcal)

1 x Granola with Raspberries (1000kcal)

1 x Hot Cereal with Mango (1000kcal)

4 x 1000kcal Lunch / Dinner

1 x Macaroni and Cheese (1000kcal)

1 x Vegetable Tikka with Rice (1000kcal)

1 x Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta (1000kcal)

1 x Vegan Couscous with Cajun Spices and Vegetables (1000kcal)

Nutrition Items 

2 x CNP Professional Protein Flapjack

1 x Clif Bar Clif Shot Bloks

6 x GU Energy Gel

1 x Nuun Active Hydration Tablets (Tube of 10 Tablets)

Remarks: We reserve the right to substitute the items outlined with others of similar value.

Approximate total weight: 2.2 kg