Expedition Foods' One Day Food Pack lets you purchase all the food you need for one day on expedition, and we will send it to you in a pre-packaged bag ready to go for the day!

Planning your food for an expedition will be key to your success. The best way to do this is to separate out your food by day. Each day you will need a good mix of freeze-dried meals and an energy bar. 

    Energy bars and are a great way to keep your body fuelled while out on Expedition. 

    Remarks: We reserve the right to substitute the meals and bars outlined below with others of similar value.


    1 x Porridge with Blueberries


    1 x Thai Green Chicken Curry with Rice


    1 x Rice Pudding with Cinnamon


    1 x Clif Bar Energy Bar

    1 x Parmigiano Reggiano Parmesan Cheese Stick

    Pack Information

    450kcal (Single Serving) 800kcal (High Energy Serving) 1000kcal (Double Serving)
    Breakfast (kcal) 450
    Dinner (kcal) 450 800 1000
    Dessert (kcal) 450 450 450
    Clif Bar (kcal)
    260 260 260
    Cheese Stick (kcal) 88 88 88
    TOTAL KCAL* 1698 2398 2798
    Approx Weight* 0.48kg / 1.05lbs 0.62kg / 1.37lbs 0.66kg / 1.45lbs

     * Approximate

    SKU: B216

    MEAL CHOICES: If you would like to change any of the meals, please use the "Special Instructions" box when you are checking out, or drop us an email at info@expeditionfoods.com and we'll happily swap them over for you.