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SKU: 003-2023

The Silkworm gaiter has been designed specifically for desert running and walking. The concept is based on the home-made gaiters desert runners have used for years to fight the battle of keeping sand and debris out of shoes.

The Silkworm is a knee length and extremely lightweight gaiter made from rip-stop nylon that uses a special reinforcing technique for increased resistance to tearing and ripping. There are two security ties for added protection and to help customize the height you need to wear the gaiters. Optimal measurement ratios are used and they are professionally stitched to ensure reliability when you need it most.

The silkworm is available in white to maximize heat reflection and comes in 9 different sizes. Please see sizing chart.

Directions: We recommend ordering gaiters well in advance of your race and having a shoe repair store (cobbler) stitch the gaiters directly onto your shoes. The Rough Country logo should be on the lower section of the gaiter, facing the correct direction on the outside of the shoe.

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